Aaron Bunce

Author Name: Aaron Bunce
Genre: Fantasy, Science Fiction, Thriller

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::Author Bio::

Aaron started his academic career in criminal justice, but eventually connected his life-long love of literature with his passion for writing. After finishing his debut novel, Within, he attended and graduated from Southern New Hampshire University with and Undergraduate degree in English and Creative Writing, with focus on Fiction. He released his first novel as The Winter of Swords, and is excited to release the next two volumes in the overthrown series, Before the Crow, and A March of Woe, in 2019. Aaron is also releasing The Delving, an all-new supplementary novel, helping to build the lore and world showcased in his six part fantasy series.
Besides writing, Aaron is constantly searching for a portal to Middle Earth, working to keep his two daughters from taking over the world, and supports his wife’s desire to vacation in Skyrim. Check out his website http://www.aaronbunce.com for information on current books, series, as well as news on upcoming releases.

::FIND Aaron HERE::
Website: http://aaronbunce.com/
Email: aaron@aaronbunce.com
Twitter: @Aaronbunce

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