The gorgeous Museum of Visual Arts has been secured for the first annual Sioux Falls FALL INTO BOOKS Event. I couldn’t be more happy with the location and this amazing venue.

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Welcome to the Museum of Visual Materials in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. The museum is the first LEED Platinum Green building in the state of South Dakota. The Museum of Visual Materials is rare because it isn’t just one of the oldest buildings in the city with the greenest concepts, but it is a museum where tourists can learn with all 5 senses. This hands on museum allows visitors of all ages to explore in our Music Room, The Hall of Americas, Hall of Continents, Our cooking demo kitchen, and even discover how our gardens can be a large part of green innovation.

The Museum’s building has had a few changes since 1887. Originally, it was the Consolidated Tank Line Company, then was bought out by the Standard Oil Company. When Standard Oil moved to a larger building it then became Midland/Seagram’s Distributing Co. The Museum of Visual Materials in Sioux Falls, South Dakota is one of the oldest buildings in town and one of the greenest buildings in the state. We are proud to be registered as South Dakota’s first LEED platinum certified green building. We are a privately owned museum that is reaching out to the community to bring you a museum unlike anything you’d expect.

LEED Certification

The museum has many great features to highlight along with its green renovations. To learn more about the LEED Certification for our Platinum building, take the tour and learn about each green feature in each area. Each room holds its own stories such as the Hall of Continents and the different journeys from the Faithe Family.

We encourage visitors from all over the country to visit the Museum of Visual Materials on their next trip to Sioux Falls. Walking distance from Falls Park in the Downtown area, the museum will have many great things for visitors to discover.

The Museum of Visual Materials has been voted as one of the Sioux Falls #1 Local Best for its banquet facility. The unique quartzite walls and rustic feel make it a rarity in the city of Sioux Falls. The museum is a true hot spot and fills up it weekends very fast. If you want a unique wedding or private event in Sioux Falls, contact the Museum of Visual Materials.


For more information on our venue visit: 


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